ShipMoney Announces Strategic Partnership with Nautilus Port Services

Maritime Payment Solutions d/b/a- ShipMoney has strengthened its foothold in the key Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam shipping range by joining forces with one of Rotterdam’s major port services companies.

It has entered into a strategic partnership with Nautilus Port Services (NPS) to introduce the most up-to-date payment systems for ship owners and managers to finally remove cash onboard ship and deliver real cost-savings for its crew and families.

The ShipMoney platform will significantly reduce the need for vessels to have cash onboard and will remove the time-consuming administration for both the ship owner and the Master. Furthermore, with the introduction of complementary services, ship’s crew will have access to a myriad of service offerings that will see them make considerable financial savings without having to leave their cabins.

Stuart Ostrow, ShipMoney President noted that he is very excited about the new strategic partnership with NPS expanding our footprint in the European maritime market.

“NPS has a growing reputation across Europe for its unique customer centric agency services and we feel this partnership will complement each other’s enterprises,” he said.

Ron Meuldijk, Managing Director of NPS-Europe, said: “Our collaboration with ShipMoney had been driven by our clients’ desire to manage ‘cash free vessels’ while giving onboard crew members valuable exposure to e-commerce. Moreover, it will also play an important role in reducing HSSE concerns pertaining to handling cash in ports for which many ship owners worldwide are paying excessive fees.”

About ShipMoney

Maritime Payment Solutions, LLC (d/b/a ShipMoney) is an industry leading provider of payment solutions for maritime companies throughout the world facilitating crew payroll payments, international corporate remittances, money transfers, mobile top-ups, payroll advances, onboard expenses and all other forms of shoreside and onboard payments.  The founder of ShipMoney, Stuart Ostrow, was directly responsible for, and instrumental in the initial development of prepaid payment programs for the cruise line industry.  ShipMoney is the second generation of that endeavour.  ShipMoney is an operating subsidiary of Global Technology Partners, LLC.  GTP is one of the largest international prepaid payment processors in the world providing services and programs in over 30 countries.