ShipMoney Announces Sporting Heroine As Speaker For London International Shipping Week

On the Day of the Seafarer in the year where “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community” has been selected as the theme for World Maritime Day, ShipMoney is delighted to announce that Debra Searle has been engaged as its keynote speaker at London International Shipping Week.

As the youngest woman to row SOLO across the Atlantic Ocean, Debra has an amazing story to tell of 30 foot waves, killer sharks and very near misses with cargo ships. As if that was not enough, she had to contend with the debilitating loneliness of knowing that her support ship was often two weeks away if she got into trouble.

Taking part in the Atlantic Rowing Challenge (a two person row across the Atlantic in a self-built boat), in partnership with her then husband was challenge enough but circumstances quickly changed when Andrew developed a severe phobia of the sea and had to withdraw from the race. To many people’s surprise, Debra opted to continue the challenge alone.

Debra will be speaking about the demands of her inspiring row across the Atlantic and how she created strategies for coping and making sure that she would achieve her goals. These strategies have provided her with ongoing lessons for life as she has set up businesses, gone on further adventures, written books and worked as a TV presenter.

Stuart Ostrow, President of ShipMoney, said: “We are all so excited that Debra will speaking at our event. Her story is a combination of endurance, strength and succeeding against all the odds.  And it directly pertains to an issue that all seafarers face – the solitude of being at sea for extended periods of time.”

The story of her row across the Atlantic is currently in development as a Hollywood movie.

You can hear Debra speak at Bakers’ Hall, 9 Harp Lane, London EC3R 6DP on 10th September at 2.30pm.


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